Home Safety & Prevention Tips


How can you reduce the risk of damage to your home and dodge a home insurance claim?  The best way to minimize risk is to understand and know what steps you can take to avoid a loss.

Prevent Fires

  • Install smoke alarms.
  • Turn off & unplug all small appliances when not in use.
  • Maintain & clean all working fireplaces.
  • Do not overload or connect one power strip to another.
  • Clean out your lint trap in the dryer after every use.
  • Replace any plastic vents with metal vents.
  • Maintain your furnace with annual inspections.

Avoid Water Damage

  • Know where the main water shut off is for your home.
  • Maintain your water heater.
  • Keep water from pooling near your foundation.
  • Replace plastic and aluminum washing machine hoses with copper or stainless steel.

Deter Theft in Your Home

  • Keep all personal information like passports and financial information in a locked fireproof safe or safety deposit box.
  • Keep garage doors closed and locked, if the garage doors have windows, put the garage door release cord away from those windows.
  • Replace worn keypad entry devices. After extensive use, the combination of letters and number could be worn and visible to potential criminals.
  • Make sure the home’s address is visible for responding police, fire or paramedics.
  • Secure a wireless network at home. Computer access could allow criminals easy access to confidential information.
  • Don’t talk about family vacation plans in public or post about being away from your home on social media.
  • Secure sliding glass doors and windows.
  • Be a good neighbor, neighbors play a key role in preventing home thefts. Close neighbors are more likely to call the police if they see someone suspicious poking around your property.